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zaidoa asked:

WOW very nice, I really like your tan slippers. MMMMM I'd let you smell my sweaty Loafers anytime. I bet you'll look so sexy in a pair of tassel loafers too ;) that would be a sight to see MMMMM!!!

I was thinking of buying some loafers after I seen yours.

zaidoa asked:

Hey Handsome, I really enjoy all of your pics, especially the sets your those big sexy bare soles of yours. My favorite is the dungeon set with dirty soles. I also like seeing wearing your blue gym shorts. I was wondering could you do a dungeon set wearing and striping out of the blue shorts while showing more those big sexy dirty soles. Hugs Zaidoa

Yes, I can do another dungeon set. Give me a week or two.

Loved your feet too. Would love to smell your loafers!

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